Ethan Gollehon
PO BOX 372
Post Falls, ID 83877

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Timeline: Ham Radio Style

A little history

April 2005

First Licensed

Got my Technician license in April of 2005 (I was 14) after receiving a Kenwood TS-520 from a relative.
I had been interested in electronics and technology for some time and that led me to radio communications. I did some self-study in electronics textbooks to expand my knowledge and then took a ham class directed by Jill Mohr KC7ZZY.
Played on VHF/UHF for a couple of years, was Net Control for a young hams net in our area, and was active in a young hams club.

February 2007

General Upgrade

I passed my General exam in February of 2007 and primarily operated digital modes using a TS-520 and then a TS-130 feeding a G5RV.

Early 2017


I got married in 2016 and we lived in an apartment in Vancouver, WA. Since early 2017, I have been making an effort to get back into the hobby as I had not done much with the hobby for a few years.
Because of apartment and travel (We lived in florida and Madagascar for a year total in 2017/2018), I pursued a QRP setup, so I parted ways with most of my existing gear. 

August 2020


In 2020 we moved to Post Falls ID, where we plan to put down roots and start a family. Along with a new home came new gear and antennas!

March 2021

A Shack

Starting in March of 2021, ground was broken on the new KE7DUX home office and shack. A 12x16 shed, converted to a powered, inslulated storage and office space will serve as the KE7DUX home office and shack!

June 2021

Shack Complete

The Shack is now complete, and being used daily as both a shack and home office.

November 2021

New Ham

In November, Richard Gollehon was born.

Current Gear and Operations

In the Shack:
IC-7300 with a DXE RTR-2 T/R Switch connected to:
RX: Wellbrook ALA1530LN Amplified RX Only Loop Antenna
TX: Fan Dipole

In the Truck:

Yaesu FT-891 with an ATAS120A

In the Field:
Icom IC-705 with any one of a number of antennas:
Magloop | SOTABeams Linked Dipole | Buddistick Pro | A bunch of other wire antennas

SSB, FT8 primarily, but experiment with many other modes.

In the Shack:
Yaesu FTM-400 (Fusion) | Anytone D578UV (DMR) + Diamond X50

In the House:
Anytone AT-778UV + Comet SBB5 on a ground plane kit

In the Truck:

Yaesu FTM-400XDR (Analog/Fusion) + Larsen NMO2/70 on the roof
Whatever HT I am carrying + Larsen NMO150-450-800 on the roof

In the Car:
Connect Systems CS-800D (Analog/DMR) + Larsen NMOQ 1/4 Wave on the trunk

FT-3D HT (Fusion) | Anytone AT-878UV (DMR) | Icom ID-52A (Dstar)

Recently I have become heavily interested in DMR and Fusion, both local and internet-spanning uses. Otherwise you will usually just hear me on local repeaters or spot me on APRS maps.

FM, APRS, DMR, Fusion. 

Ham Radio Crash Course

The goal is simple: Move forward with ham radio.

Since early 2018, I have become involved with an online ham community called Ham Radio Crash Course and am currently part of the Staff.

One key involvement is the administration of HRCC LINK, a linking of multiple Digital Radio protocols. This includes both hardware and software elements, linking DMR, YSF, WiresX and D-Star. (

Started by Josh (KI6NAZ) as a YouTube channel, Ham Radio Crash Course (HRCC) has evolved into a rapidly growing, multi-thousand member community of radio ethusiasts that are excited to grow in the hobby, and help others grow as well. 

The goal is simple: Move forward with ham radio.

We try to encourage prospective hams and provide resources and opportunities for new and old hams to grow in the hobby. We do this through Discord (Online Chat), Facebook and YouTube.  

 HRCC Info, Resources and activities: 


Weekly Livestream (Fridays at 7pm Pacific)

HRCC Link (DMR, YSF, WiresX)

Weekly Digital Voice (DV) Net (On the HRCC Link)